Bronpi Calefacción S.L received the ISO 9001 quality certification for the management of its different departments.

All Bronpi products pass a high internal quality control at each step of the manufacturing process, making possible to develop a final product of good quality adequate to the demands of the market.

The commitment to a quality control leads Bronpi to create his own research laboratory where all equipments are tested and developed by the Investigation + Development + Innovation Department, composed of a technical engineers team specialized in the sector.

Then, the equipments are tested in external laboratories that guarantee Bronpi products with the highest standards and the European quality standards such as CE or Flamme verte.

The main objective of the R&D department, certified with the UNE 166002 standard, is to research, improve and innovate every day both products and manufacturing process in order to offer the customer a technological, efficient, innovative and sustainable product.

ISO 9001:2015
UNE 166.002:2014