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Double Combustion System 
Double Chamber System 
Clean Glass System 
Model designed for easy access to maintenance service 
Flame anti-return system 
Soupape de surpression de la chambre 
Power max (kW)11
Power max-min (kW)9-5
Efficiency (%)80-80
Consumption max-min (kg/h)2,5-1,4
Heating capacity (m3)225
Metalic inside 
Autonomy (h) (min-max)7,5-14
Weight (kg)100
Fume outlet diameter (mm)100
Air inlet diameter (mm)80
  • Double Combustion System
  • Double Chamber System
  • Clean Glass System
  • Model designed for easy access to maintenance service
  • Flame anti-return system
  • Chamber overpressure valve
  • Power max: 11kw
  • Power max-min: 9-5kw
  • Efficiency (%): 80-80%
  • Consumption max-min (kg/h): 2,5-1,4kg/h
  • Heating capacity (m3): 225m3
  • Tank capacity (Kg): 17kg
  • Metallic interior
  • Autonomy (h) (min-max): 7,5-14h
  • Weight (kg): 100kg
  • Fume outlet diameter (mm): 100mm
  • Air inlet diameter (mm): 80mm
 ce 14785 ECO Design
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