Carol Mixta
Double Chamber System 
Clean Glass System 
Modulation System 
Model Compatible with Kit Wifi 
Système anti-retour de flamme 
Power with pellet max (kW)10,6
Power with pellet min-max (kW)9,5-3,0
Efficiency with pellet (%)92-95,3
Consumption with pellet max-min (kg/h)2,2-0,68
Power consumption (W)150-450
Heating capacity with pellet (m3)237
vermiculite inside 
Cast-iron burner 
Autonomous (h) (min-max)11-35
Weight (kg)165
Fume outlet diameter (mm)150
Air inlet diameter (mm)40
Forced ventilation1x400
Hermetic tank
S1:Security systems: Safety thermostat pellet, Air flow switch 
Power with wood (kW)15
Efficiency with wood (%)84
Consumption with wood min-max. (kg/h)4,3
Heating capacity with wood (m3)375
Maximum logs size (cm)36
  • Oasys
  • Double Chamber System
  • Clean Glass System
  • Modulation System
  • Model designed for easy access to maintenance service
  • Model Compatible with Kit Wifi
  • Programmable
  • Flame anti-return system
  • Power with pellet max: 10,6kw
  • Power with pellet max-min: 9,5-3,0kw
  • Power with wood: 15kw
  • Efficiency with pellet (%): 92-95,3%
  • Efficiency with wood (%): 84%
  • Consumption with pellet max-min (kg/h): 2,2-0,68kg/h
  • Power consumption (W): 150-450W
  • Heating capacity with pellet (m3): 237m3
  • Heating capacity with wood (m3): 375m3
  • Tank capacity (Kg): 18kg
  • vermiculite interior
  • Cast-iron burner
  • Autonomy (h) (min-max): 11-35h
  • Weight (kg): 165kg
  • Fume outlet diameter (mm): 150mm
  • Air inlet diameter (mm): 40mm
  • Forced ventilation: 1x400
  • Remote control or switchboard
  • Hermetic tank
  • S1:Security systems: Safety thermostat pellet, Air flow switch
  • Maximum logs size (cm): 36cm
  Flamme Verte ce 14785 EN-13240 Flamme Verte 15aB-VG DIN Plus l.BimSchV ECO Design
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