What is the double combustion?

Double combustion is a system that some models have, in which the carbon monoxide that is still in the first combustion is reused in a second combustion. This method minimize pollutant emissions as well as maximize the calorific power of wood without increasing its consumption.

What is the clean glass system?

Clean glass system is a method by which the equipment creates a screen of cold air between the glass of the fireplace/stove and the fire, which prevents the hot smoke is directly in contact with the glass and becomes dirty.

I have an open fireplace made of construction; can I close it somehow?

Yes. You can search an insert adjusted to the measures of the gap that you already made of construction. You can also close the open fireplace with two doors made-to-measure.

What material heats more, cast-iron or sheet?

The material which the stove/fireplace is made with does not make it heats more or less. The amount of heat is determined by the power (kW) which the model is certified with. Yes, it is true that models manufactured in cast-iron takes longer to heat but keep the heat for longer. Sheet models take very little to warm up but do not remain constant for so long.

My chimney gives off smoke and do not evacuate well, what can it be?

First, make sure that the evacuation of the smoke from the chimney duct is correct and clean. Sometimes, the little use makes it to be hampered and prevents to go out the smoke. Also verify that the room where the fireplace is placed has proper ventilation, which facilitates the going out of smoke. If the problem persists, contact the person who made the installation.

My stove/fireplace creates a black liquid that smells very bad.

Surely you have condensation problems. Condensation is the problem that arises when the smoke duct is installed on the exterior of the housing, and has not been properly insulated whether with double-wall pipes or simple tubes covered with lining of bricks and therefore the chimney’s smoke get condensed, i.e. it becomes liquid from a high to a low temperature. If this is the case, check the problem with the person who made the installation because probably this liquid is settling around the output of the smoke and is hampering it, making possible future problems on the smoke output and even that settled material burns itself on next lights.

My stove/fireplace fans continue to operate even if they are switched off.

Models that have turbines or fans have a security system and although their switch is switched off, when the stove or fireplace reaches certain temperature, they switch themselves on. This prevents that, due to the high temperature that model can reach, any electronic or wiring system can burn. That is why it is essential that these models are always connected to the electricity when they are in operation.

The glass gets black. How can I prevent it?

There are many factors influencing glass becomes black although it has a clean glass system. The use of an optimal quality wood, not exceeding 20% of humidity, favours the glass not to become dirty so easily. Also, having a good flue of smoke, favours that it does not accumulate it at the combustion chamber, staining the glass.

I have just light my stove/fireplace and smells like paint.

It is normal if it smells like painting on the first ignition. For this reason, as explained in the instruction manual, we recommend during the first ignitions to ventilate the room for avoiding any type of poisoning by inhalation.

What is the correct way for storing firewood?

Firewood should be cut and saved for at least 2 years in a covered and ventilated place to get dry. Wood moisture should not be greater than 20% to get a good heat power, much less smoke and less soot production, among other things.

What is the best quality firewood?

The best quality wood is ash wood. The holm oak, elm, birch and beech wood also have a good quality. Willow and fir wood has a sufficient good-quality, while pine and poplar wood have a poor quality.

What maintenance has a wood stove/fireplace?

The maintenance of a wood model comes down to the maintenance of the smoke duct. A good smoke exit, free of obstacles and soot that hamper the evacuation of smokes is fundamental for the proper functioning of the stove/fireplace. Also clean the inside of the stove/fireplace.