What is the pellet?

Pellet is a granulated elongated fuel made from wood, which is produced from pressing the sawdust of the waste of the pruning, tree felling and carpentry. The pellet is provided in comfortable sacks or deposits that make it a clean and easy to handle and store fuel.

Do I need a smoke vent?

Yes. It is needed a smoke vent with 8 cm diameter. Actually, the visible smoke only comes for one minute in the ignition. Then, it only evacuates a visually imperceptible gas.

My pellet stove alarm has activated, what can I do?

Call the distributor who made installation of the stove. The installers of our product’s distributors are technically formed by Bronpi to provide this service to the final user.

How can I program my stove to turn it on and off automatically?

The stove has three types of programming (daily, weekly and weekends). Depending on which of them you choose, you can schedule the pellet stove to turn it on and turn it off automatically between 2 and 4 times throughout the day. During the day of the installation, the technician will explain you this programming, as well as the functioning. However, you can read it in the instruction manual of the model.

I have a diesel/gas boiler and I want to change it to a pellet boiler.

Most installations of diesel/gas boilers are valid for pellet boilers. Your nearest distributor will inform you about the installation and the best model.

What is the correct way for storing pellet?

Pellet must always be stored in a ventilated, cool, and dry place. Please avoid storing pellet in places with humidity, as the pellet absorb it and make it to cake in compact blocks that can block the stove. In addition, pellet with a considerable level of humidity generates a lot of smoke.

What is the best quality pellet?

A good quality pellet should be certified with distinction EN PLUS or DIN PLUS, these are two certifications designed to distinguish the good quality pellet. In general, the pellet must be free of traces of paint, glue and other materials. In addition, it must be very well pressed to obtain a greater heat power. You can check the pellet pressing quality by introducing a sample in a glass with water. If the pellet floats, it has air and therefore is not sufficiently pressed. If it falls to the bottom and sinks that means that it has a high level of pressing.

What is the maintenance of a pellet stove?

The maintenance of a pellet stove comes down to cleaning the ash from the burner before every ignition, reducing the amount of smoke in the next lighting. In addition, monthly, a few scrapers should be moved in order to avoid collecting ash inside the stove.