What is bioethanol?

Bioethanol is a liquid fuel obtained from the fermentation of sugars in some plants. Every day more and more people are using bioethanol as a fuel.

Is it dangerous?

Obviously, it is a flammable product, but respecting the recommendations of our brand there is not any possibility of danger.

What type of emission does it give off?

The type of emissions given off by its combustion is similar to a candle, it means that it does not contaminate, nor is toxic, nor requires any kind of damper. Due to the fact that it is an element with flame, it is always advisable to ventilate regularly the room.

Do these fireplaces and stoves heat?

Apart from the heat of the natural fire, not having chimney makes that there is no any heat escape. Therefore, they are an ideal complement for your heating. This also means a great energy saving.

Can you regulate the flame?

Each model includes a handle that allows regulating the burner on the desired opening and controlling the flame. You can even close it down to turn it off although not all bioethanol has been consumed.

Do they give off smells?

The bioethanol burning by itself does not generate any kind of smell but you must know that you may notice the typical smell of painting and metals subjected to a high temperature in the first ignition.

Where can I install it?

Any room be it internal or external. Installation is not needed; you must only have a plug for the models that incorporate fans.

Can they be moved?

You can move it to the place you want when it is not switched on. Even some models have little wheels.