Which model is the most suitable for my home?

Firstly, it must be clear what kind of fuel you want to use. Once you have decided it, the type of equipment depends on whether you want it to be seen or inserted. It is very important to bear the space you need to heat in mind in order to choose a model with the right power. The nearest distributor to your area will advise you what equipment is the most appropriate for your needs.

How many kW of power do I need?

1 kW of power can heat 18-20 cubic meters of space, i.e. about 8 square meters (being calculated with a standard floor to roof height of 2.70 metres). However, there are factors such as the design of the place where the equipment is going to be installed, its isolation and even the quality of the fuel, that make this formula may not be accurate. Therefore, we advise you to seek advice from the nearest distributor to your area.

How much money am I saving in energy installing a Bronpi equipment?

Fuel Heating power Fuel Cost kWh Cost Annual cost for a 100 m2 room (12.000 kWh/year) Fuel waste for 6 years


4,5 kWh por 1 kg

0.15 €/kg

0,033 €

396 €

2.376 €


5,1 kWh por 1 kg

0,26 €/kg

0.052 €

624 €

3.744 €


9,45 kWh por 1 m3

0,671 €/m3

0,071 €

852 €

5.112 €


7,5 kWh por 1 l

0,586 €/l

0,078 €

936 €

5.616 €


10,8 kWh por 1 l

0,779 €/l

0,072 €

864 €

5.184 €

*NOTE: prices in Spain December-2015

May I buy directly to the factory?

No. Bronpi only sells to professional distributors of the sector where you can find advice and buy our products.

Is there any subvention for the purchase of these products?

Yes, but it depends on the district where the installation is going to be made. This type of subvention varies and is constantly changing. We suggest you to consult any public administration or your nearest distributor.

What is insulated or double wall pipes and when is it needed?

The double wall pipes or the insulated pipes are a type of pipe for smoke that is used when the installation of the pipe is made outside the house. It consists of two concentric tubes and a thermal insulator placed between them. This pipe is needed in order to avoid problems related with condensation of smoke when this smoke gets cold and becomes liquid.

I bought a Bronpi equipment, can I install it myself?

The installation should always be done by an expert. There are very important factors which are only known by the experience of professional installers and that must be bearded in mind at the moment of the installation. Think that a bad installation will mean that you may have problems of smoke, condensation problems and a malfunction of the equipment among others. In case you decide to install it yourself, you must read carefully the instruction manual and respect all the instructions.

I have my equipment; do I need to register the warranty?

It is enough having the invoice and the guarantee stamped by the distributor. For this reason, we advise you to ask the installer to seal the guarantee that you will find at the end of the instruction manual and attach it to your invoice. Keep both documents during the time of warranty in case to make any claim.

What should I do before lighting the fire for the first time?

Normally, the installer will give you the first guidelines and explanations of the functioning of the equipment. However, we recommend reading the instruction manual of the model for attaining an optimal functioning and maintenance over the time.

My equipment glass has broken, where can I buy one?

You can ask the glass for your equipment to the same distributor where it was purchased. If you don't know where it was, you can call to +34 957 502 750 or fill out the contact form to tell you who is your nearest authorized distributor. Please, note that the warranty does not cover breakage of glass under any circumstances. However, check with your home insurance agent if it is included in your policy.

Where can I buy a replacement part?

You can do it through the same distributor where you purchased your equipment. If you don't know where it was, you can call to +34 957 502 750 or fill out the contact form to tell you who is your nearest authorized distributor.