Corporate social responsibility


The R&D department investigates every day to improve our products and achieve a greater efficiency with the lowest emissions.


The raw materials used in the manufacturing process are totally sustainable and environmentally-friendly. Bronpi Calefacción S.L is attached to the Business Prevention Plan (PEP 2012-2014) of Ecoembes for the management and recycling of waste and containers.


Each year, Bronpi collaborates voluntarily with several non-profit foundations and associations with different goals but, at the same time, they come together to achieve a common goal: helping people who need it the most.


Our facilities include high security systems during the manufacturing process to ensure the job security of our employees.


The professional development of employees is something vital and this is why Bronpi carries out a program of continuous training for its employees.


Transparency and veracity in advertising communication are some of the values that Bronpi tries to convey to its distributors in order to get the message across to the end-user in a clear way.